Piwik Analytics for DNN

DNNPiwik is a module for DotNetNuke that allows you to easily integrate the Piwik analytics tracking script in any page, choosing which roles you don’t want to track (tipically Administrators).

##Download DNNPiwik is on Github, fork it at https://github.com/trapias/DNNPiwik or download a release package for easy installation via Dnn extensions manager.

##Installation Grab the release package and install DnnPiwik as any other Dnn module, using Dnn extensions manager. Then add a DnnPiwik module instance to any page and open module settings to configure it.

##Setup Configuration is very easy: type your Piwik Site ID in “Piwik Site ID”, and the URL (withour protocol information!) in “Piwik Host”. Optionally select roles you do not want to track.

DNNPiwik Settings