Petrello - Trello for Pebble smarwatches

Petrello is a Trello app for Pebble smartwatches.

Welcome to Petrello

Petrello is my first app for Pebble smartwatches: it’s a simple Trello client, allowing you to navigate through your boards, check/uncheck checklist items, move cards between lists and add due cards to your Timeline.

Petrello is not very powerful: it does not allow you to edit nor to add any data, it just can browse Trello and change the status of checklist items. I developed it to help me handle a list of things to buy at the supermarket and check them while I go, keeping my phone in the pocket. I don’t need to edit items on watch for that, but maybe I’ll try to add some features in future releases - let me know if you’re interested.

Though thinked and optimized for my Pebble Classic (aplite) and its monochrome display, it’s compiled for newer models also, running basalt (Pebble Time) or chalk (Pebble Time Round).

Update July, 1, 2016

New in version 1.6: Petrello can now send your due cards to the Timeline.

A new menu item enables the function:

A dedicated card explains what it’s doing: Petrello will evaluate all your cards (cards assigned to you), and if they a valid due date it will add them to your timeline.

Please note that a “valid due date” means that a due date must be set on the card, and the due date must be suitable for the Timeline, i.e. it must be no more than two days in the past, or a year in the future as documented by Pebble in pin-time-limitations.

Update June, 21, 2016

New in version 1.5:

  • refactored navigation with a main menu and new ways to navigate Trello data
  • bugfixes

Petrello now has a main menu with these items:

  • Starred boards
  • My boards (private boards, not belonging to any organization)
  • Organizations (list of organizations)
  • All boards (same as before)
  • My cards (all cards assigned to me)

Update June, 14, 2016

New in version 1.4:

  • fix accelerator refreshes
  • fix token usage after first setup
  • fix token usage after first setup
  • change actionbar to black, with Pebble std icons
  • show due date on cards
  • new submenu for the card level, allows to perform more actions
  • new capability to move a card to another list

How to set it up

Petrello is very simple: you just have to get a Trello token to authorize the app to access your data (only you will see your data on your Pebble, I will not!), and start navitaging boards, lists and cards.


Install the app from Pebble App Store or from source. In order to install from source, the easier way os to load the project on the online IDE at The other way is to build locally with the SDK: clone the repository and install Pebble SDK (get it at Then open a terminal in the folder and launch:

pebble build

to build the app. Then open the Pebble App on your phone and enable the Developer mode. Finally go to terminal and launch:

pebble install --phone [IP-ADDRESS]

where [IP-ADDRESS] is your phone’s IP address you can see on Phone.


In Pebble App, on your phone, open Petrello settings. You’ll see a web page asking you to login to your Trello account and to authorize Petrello to access your data, thus getting a token for it.

You will probably have to close and open again the app on your Pebble the first time, otherwise the token is not recognized (will try to improve this). Should be solved with version 1.4.

Petrello Configuration

How does it work

When you launch the app you see a welcome screen: press any key to start navigating your boards.

Petrello Welcome screen

If you forgot to configure it (seee Setup above) you’ll see this screen: open Petrello settings on phone and get a token.

Please configure screen

Organizations and Boards

Once you have a token you can start navigating your Trello boards. The first screen you’ll see is a list of all your open boards (I’m avoiding closed boards to reduce traffic), ordered by Organization.

Petrello Boards Petrello on Basalt

In these screenshots we have an organization named “AL’s” and three boards. Of course you can use your Pebble Up and Down buttons to scroll, and the select button to open the selected board.

Lists in a board, and cards

One you open a board, you see a list of all cards in that board, with sections showing the lists they belong to. For example here are a couple of my boards: on the left I have a “Tips / Howto” list containing the cards you see, on the right a “NAS” list with its cards listed:

Petrello Lists and cards Petrello Lists and cards

Card and checklists

If you open a card by pressing the select button on your watch you of course open that card. If the card does not have any checklist you will see its title and description (screenshot on the left); if the card has one or more checklists, you will also see a button on the right (screenshot on the right):

Petrello Lists Petrello Lists

If there are checklists for the card, clicking the select button on your Pebble will show you all the checklists with their items:

Petrello Checklist items Petrello Checklist items

Card submenu

With version 1.4 Petrello has a new submenu at the card level, enabling more actions on card. It is now possible to manage checklist items and move a card to another list.

Petrello Card 1.4

Petrello card submenu

Petrello move card

Checklist items

The select button will the act in two ways:

  • a normal press will check or uncheck the selected checklist item
  • a long press will open a new view, where to see the entire checklist item name

The “long press” is useful when you have checklist items with long names, like in the screenshot above, that don’t fit in the Pebble screen. Opening a new window with the long press you can view the entire title, and still check or uncheck the item with the select button (screenshot not available, I could not let the emulator simulate the long press!).

It would probably be better to let those long names scroll horizonthally, but I didn’t find a way yet - I should probably write some C code for that or convert the entire app to C, while Petrello is currently a Pebble.js app. Will see.


If you twist your wrist while on any list, Petrello will update the list reloading data from Trello. My wife usually adds items to our shopping list while I’m already at the supermarket, doesn’t yours? ;-)


This is a very fist release, and while I successfully tested it on my Pebble you should consider it as a Beta: let me know if you use it, if it does work for you or what issues you find.

Open source

Petrello is open source, you can get complete source on Github at

Published: 2016-06-09
Tags: trello pebble