BUT is a free skin for DotNetNuke (DNN) based on Bootstrap 2.3.2.


This is not a new project. I’ve been using BUT as the base to develop a couple of skins last year, and never found the time to finish BUT’s site nor to share the code.

Then DNN turned out to include a (better!) skin also based on Bootstrap 2.3.2, Bootstrap came out with the new “3” release and still I didn’t find the time.

Yesterday, I eventually decided to publish BUT at GitHub even if it’s not clean and documented like I wanted - it’s been sleeping for too many months now.


Why Bootstrap 2.3.2?

When I started working at BUT, 2.3.2 was Bootstrap official release: the new 3 version came out when I already had built a couple of skins using BUT.

I decided to keep working on 2.3.2 instead of converting to 3 because I wanted a stable environment, and because I could find tons of resources: samples, plugins, javascript extensions, anything you might want to build a responsive website is available out there for Bootstrap.

I now am experimenting “BUT3”, a new DNN skin based on Bootstrap 3 which is my site’s new skin: more on this in next weks.

Bootstrap 2.3.2 documentation is still available at https://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/.

BUT Features

BUT is a modular DNN skin package supplying different skins and resources. I separated headers and footers (see the include dir) so that it should be very easy to build a customized skin. Both full-size and fixed-width templates are available, and al standard DNN controls are there too: login and user controls, a locale selector if you need multilanguage, and the search control.


All Bootstrap features are available: responsive CSS (see Base CSS), dozens of HTML5 Components and Javascript plugins, including Bootstrap Carousel.

Several extra assets are included, from Font-Awesome icons to CSS animations and the video-js video player: check all the Features.

Fork it at GitHub

BUT is now available at GitHub at https://github.com/trapias/BUT, get it and… let me know if you’re using it!

Published: 2014-05-12
Tags: dnn bootstrap